Equity Sales & Currency and Commodities (FX)

Forum’s Equity desk consists of advisors with long and relevant experience.

  • Individual and personal follow up.
  • Self trading abilities.
  • Daily market reports.

       - Fundamental analyses with a macroeconomic view including input from

          our FX desk.

       - Sector based analysis (Top pick Nordic sectors). 

       - The Equity desk covers the Scandinavian markets, and  provides access to

          all European and US markets.

       - Follow-up on selected stocks,-  changes and possibilities are identified.

       - Identify bull and bear cases – long and short trading opportunities. Long,             medium and short investment timeframes.

       - First hand customer attention to identify their suitability to evaluate

         desired level of risk, reward and investment timeline.

  • Currencies and commodities (FX) trading offers asset classes different from stocks, bonds and real estate.
  • FX trading seeks profit by taking advantage of the volatility in some of the worlds most liquid markets.
  • Increased exposure made possible through gearing.
  • Trade FX on your own, or use our experienced team.
  • Advising offered by the FX advisor based on fundamental and technical analysis.
  • Hedging portfolio using FX and commodities.
  • FX team with a distinctive track record trading in volatile markets.
  • FX advisor to accommodate personal service and follow up.


FX trading uses volatility and gearing to generate profit, the investment class is rated " 6 ” on the Forum risk assessment scale (indicating potential for losses higher than your equity).

Equity Sales  &  Currency and Commodities (FX)
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